Habits are changing fast all over the world.

The desire to live more fully, and the high level of awareness regarding viruses, allergies, intolerances, and lifestyle related sickness such as diabetes and cancer has created a strong and growing market for healthy food. People like it healthy and natural. We bet on products that meet these objectives:

  • Rich in bioavailable nutrients; help to care for and improve health
  • Organic certified, without allergens, without additives and without preservatives.
  • And of course tasty and easy to use are very important too!

We create our products with our own formulations. See our exclusive products.

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Tentorium Energy has been a manufacturer of high nutrient density food (mainly superfoods) and food supplements since 2011.

We grind, mix, pack, and in many occasions we formulate many of existing products. 

100% of our products are vegan.  95% organic certified.  And we source ourselves from direct producer in most cases; Maca from Peru, Matcha from Japan, Carob from Spain, Oatmeal from Finland, etc.

We market our packaged and bulk products, under our own brand (Energy Feelings) or under Private Label.   And in both cases, our business model is characterized by helping our clients to get business started with minimum risk and investment .

We are organic certified manufacturers with highest standard quality control, and with year based sustainability audit from SMETA.  We offer to our clients small MOQ´s; no risk. And we offer an agile and flexible order management in addition to a high profit margin.

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Choose the brand for your business, choose from several options:

  • OUR BRANDENERGY FEELINGS: 320+ Products ready to add to your portfolio.
  • MOQ 1 pallet of mix order
  • YOUR BRANDPRIVATE LABEL: We build up together your brands portfolio.
  • MOQ 200 Kg


  • WE BUILD YOUR BRANDBRAND ACCELERATOR: We build a products brand for your exclusive use.
  • Similar conditions as private label.