We select products based on health benefits, quality and user experience.

Portfolio consists mainly in dehydrated and powdered foods (flours) that are nutrient dense and contribute to healthy nutrition that can prevent disease and improve people’s well-being. We also offer yeasts, tablets, raw and extruded grains, and leaves. All our products are suitable for a vegan diet. More than 120 different ingredients, and more than 50 products that have been formulated by ourselves; shakes, soups, veggie pancakes, protein pancakes, veggie egg, tablets, vegan protein mixes, symbiotic mixes…. Our portfolio is:
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Gluten free
  • 95% organic certified
  • 100% highest quality.  We make our best effort to buy direct from the original source so we know and control the origin of the products; peas for pea protein comes from Canada, Yeast from Estonia, Carob from Spain, Matcha from Japan, Maca, Camu, Camu, Cacao… from Peru, Oatmeal from Finland, Agave Inulin from Mexico…
Some of our product families are:


Bioavailability should be a key element when we talk about supplementation. Supplementing with micronutrients that our body does not recognize as such is wasteful,  since our body will eliminate them quickly, and we will also burden our cleaning and filtering organs unnecessarily. Our family of nutritional supplements are based on 100% natural ingredients with proven bioavailability, which will fulfill their function for longer, and will not overload our liver and our kidneys.
Spirulina tablets


All types of inactivated Nutritional Yeast; organic certified, enriched with Vitamin B12,  with Vitamin D, or with Selenium.  We also have them in tablets. Nutritional yeast by nature is rich in proteins, vitamin B group, Zinc, and many other vitamins.  When our nutritional yeast is enriched with other vitamins or minerals, micronutrients are not added or mixed with the yeast, but instead it is added to the substrate from which the yeast feeds, and therefore the nutrient is metabolized in its organic form and becomes bioavailable.
Nutritional yeast


The future of human nutrition passes through proteins of plant origin.

Our vegan protein powders are organic certified.  We have chosen those with highest protein content, best aminogram, without allergens, without hormones, and easy to digest.

proteina vegana 3


In recent years we have developed the best vegan pancakes, and vegan protein pancakes, as well as vegan egg with a surprising flavor and behavior.

In our facilities we have our own mill, and that allows our variety of gluten-free flours the highest quality and freshness.

organic crepes about gluten


Our products are organic certified, and through our experience we want to offer the best performance, best taste, and best digestion; Vegan proteins, pre-training and after training formulas based on the best superfoods. At Tentorium we have been selecting the best vegetable proteins since 2013, and combining them to offer the best aminogram, and the best experience.
sports nutrition


We supply from the original source so we can offer a wide variety of quality superfoods: such as Maca, Coconut milk, Turmeric, Cocoa, Matcha Tea, Nutritional Yeast and many more. Check our wide range of superfoods!


Our supershakes are conceived by the renowned nutritionist Diego de Castro, and are based on the synergistic combination of the most powerful superfoods. We have more than a dozen supershakes geared towards improving health and performance;  detox shakes, satiating shakes, protein shakes, adaptogen, recovery, antioxidants, antiinflamatory …