About Us

A company is the union of resources to achieve a goal. But when we ask ourselves «Who are we?» We refer to those who make up this company, and above all, what unites us. Tentorium Energy is a group of collaborators aware that only a high level of demand will allow us to enjoy work, and will generate enough added value to improve as people, as a company and as a society. We are a passionate team with the purpose and adventure of doing something good for others and for ourselves through our company.

Ecological commitment

Environmental Performance for 2021-2022

The sustainability of the planet is a matter for all the beings that inhabit it, the sustainability policy of our company is firm and concrete. Specific measures, aimed at improving efficiency, ecology, and collaterally… at the price, because more ecological is NOT more expensive.

This is our performance:

  • Use 100% recyclable packaging. In paper cans, or in fully recyclable single-layer PET plastic containers. We reject the sale of aluminum or paper containers with plastic (kraft bags, tetra-bricks …) that are not recyclable.
  • Offer the sale of bulk products in 100% biodegradable packaging. Our goal is that our customers can buy 100% of our products in bulk and in compostable paper bags. In this way, our customers will buy only the amount they need and will not generate waste.
  • More than 90% of our portfolio is organic certified products. Our goal is 100%. Let’s not pollute our planet, let’s not pollute our body.
  • Take into account the importance of the products having the closest possible origin. Minimize the CO2 footprint.
  • Offer free samples in biodegradable paper bag with every order. Try before you buy, it is a safe purchase and reduces waste.
  • Offer presentations from 1 kg to 25 kg of almost all products to save packaging.
  • For the transport of our customers’ orders, we will use transport companies that comply with the ISO 14,000 environmental management standard (Thinkgreen GLS).
  • We will gradually incorporate renewable energy into our company. Thus, we have the firm commitment so that 100% of the energy that we use both in our facilities and in our means of transport has a 100% renewable origin before the year 2,022

Social responsability

At Tentorium Energy, S.L., social responsibility is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Therefore, Tentorium Energy is firmly committed to and adheres to the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on the right to work, the principles of the base code of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and the Principles of the Global Compact. from the United Nations (UN), which emphasize aspects that include human rights; labor standards and practices; environmental, health and safety management systems; and business ethics and integrity.

To demonstrate our efforts and progress on these conventions and principles, we participate in the Vendor Ethical Data Sharing (Sedex) forum and follow their Sedex Membership Ethical Trade Audit Assessment (SMETA) program. The assessment program serves as a platform to manage and demonstrate our social responsibility ambitions and efforts. The scope, methodology, reports, and evaluation timelines that Tentorium Energy follows are the result of a consultation process with our stakeholders and follow Sedex SMETA specifications as appropriate.

Our Team

Kim photo
KIM (partner)
I am a Founder of Energy Feelings. I studied pure science in college, then law, and finally became an entrepreneur. They gave me the nickname "Kimder Surprise" for something 😊.
Ignasi photo
IGNACIO (partner)
Ignacio and I are two 50-year-old kids who get high when we create a new product, when we see that the team is cohesive and happy, when we open a new frontier ...
Mauri photo
MAURI (Financial dept.)
He is responsible for keeping the numbers up to date. He always "wears the cap" of the company, and I can also say that he has been and continues to be a mainstay of the company. He carries on his shoulders the cross of all sinners, and when the commercials screw up, Mauri, he is there to cover the rear! He only has one flaw; he is kinder than Santa Claus.
Gianina photo
GIANINA (Commercial dept.)
She is the commercial manager of the company. "Cut the cod" in purchases and sales. She has a very decisive personality and at the same time is an optimist who loves to laugh.
ÀLBAR (Online channel)
Álbar is responsible for the Online channel and for supporting communication for the Offline channel (newsletters, catalogs...), as well as for supervising the company's websites. Intelligent, shrewd, modest and hungry to learn.
Carmen photo
CARMEN (Production)
Carmen is the head of the department, and probably without her, getting here would not have been possible. She is very demanding of herself, demanding of others, and she is also all-hearted.
Dorina photo
DORINA (Production)
She is Carmen's soldier, always smiling, always 100%. Together they form an impossible and wonderful combination of personalities.
Po photo
PO (Production)
Delicate and attentive, Po works with care and attention so that customers receive their orders perfectly.
Ana Maria photo
ANA MARIA (Production)
Ana Maria
The production department now enjoys the good work of Ana María. And you can see it!